Tugg – Bring Elemental to Your Town

elemental-tugg-380We’re excited to share that we’re partnering with Tugg.com to help bring Elemental into local movie theaters across the country. It’s all possible when you sign up to organize a screening at a theater near you!

If you’d like to get Elemental into a local theater, sign up with Tugg.com to request a time and place. Tugg will coordinate with the theater, while you and your friends spread the word through Facebook, emails, and promotional materials. If the required RSVPs are met by the deadline, the screening will happen.

What is Tugg.com?
Tugg is a cost-free online platform that helps people host movie screenings in their local theater. Tugg crowdsources theatrical screenings, so if enough people want to see Elemental in a local theater, Tugg can help make it happen.

How can I bring Elemental to my local theater with Tugg?

  • Go to the ELEMENTAL page on Tugg
  • Click the blue “Create Event” button
  • Fill out the Tugg Event Request Form with your preferred screening date, time, and theater of your choice
  • Submit your application to become the event’s “promoter” (As a bonus from Tugg, event promoters receive 5% of the ticket revenue.)
  • A Tugg representative will contact you to help set up the details. Remember, this is your event so you can personalize by creating in-theater discussions or special guests.
  • Spread the word and invite your friends, family and community to purchase advance tickets from the event page. Be sure to let us know you’ve started an event so we can help promote it on the ELEMENTAL website (info@elementalthefilm.com).
  • Once enough tickets are pre-sold (usually around 65 tickets) by a set date (usually one week before your event) the screening is confirmed. (If not enough tickets are pre-sold, no one will be charged and the event is canceled.)
  • Then enjoy the show!

Upcoming Tugg Events for ELEMENTAL